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Hello! My name is Ritesh Mehrotra. I am an Enterprise and Technical agility practitioner and coach.

This journal is an aggregation of my work and experience working in various roles as Software Developer, Tech Consultant and coach with different organizations.

I offer coaching and mentoring services in following areas

  • Organizational agility : Organizational cultivation culture building, Coaching and facilitation skills for leadership
  • Product agility : Product discovery, Customer centricity, Development and delivery management
  • Team agility : Team dynamics, effectiveness and continuous improvements with ways of working
  • Software craftsmanship : Software design, Quality, DevOps and best development practices

These offering are in the form of trainings, coaching engagements and bootcamps.

I am a keen contributor on agile transformation initiatives.

As a strong believer in community driven growth with collaborative learning, I host a community for technology enthusiasts named TechTalks, which is a knowledge sharing platform on Meetup. Apart from being a rich knowledge sharing platform, TechTalks serves as a networking ground for entrepreneurs, professionals and tech enthusiasts to meet and exchange ideas.

Join the TechTalks community